Scholar Reading

Academic focus: Close reading

While Hiawatha College Prep-Kingfield offers a well-rounded curriculum, this year our whole school will have a special emphasis on Close Reading. Close reading involves reading and re-reading passages of text to increase comprehension. We ask and answer probing questions to understand the author’s meaning and the purpose of the text and analyze how the words and structure help the author achieve the purpose.

Close reading is an essential skill for college readiness. It also opens whole worlds to us by becoming strong, lifelong readers. As a result, it’s part of the Common Core standards that all students must master to be at grade level. HCP-K is committed to ensuring all our scholars meet this standard, while discovering more books, words, and worlds together!

Extracurricular activities

HCP-K provides lots of fun activities for our scholars and parents throughout the year. Check out our Events Calendar. Families will also be notified of upcoming events through our student newsletter.

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  1. Read every night – Scholars should read for 20 minutes every night as part of their homework. This will help them become great readers and strengthen their skills in other subjects, too.
  2. Attend school daily – Daily attendance is the most important part of learning. Make sure scholars are in school every day to keep growing academically.
  3. Stay active & explore – Active children are more engaged learners. Make sure you get out there and combine physical activity with mental activity: ride your bikes, play with your friends, explore your neighborhood, parks, lakes and all the fun things that Minneapolis has to offer!


We’re here for you!

Hiawatha College Prep-Kingfield teachers are available to talk on the phone to answer questions and help with homework.