As part of our commitment to developing the character of our scholars, Hiawatha College Prep-Kingfield engages in community service projects. Each Hiawatha Academies school chooses from a variety of local organizations and projects in their own communities to support through volunteering, fundraising, and other opportunities.

For the past few years, Hiawatha College Prep-Kingfield has chosen to support Second Harvest Heartland, an organization “working to end local hunger.” Scholars take part in a full school service trip to Second Harvest Heartland, where they prepare meals for those in need.

Why community service?

Through hands-on participation in community service,

  • We give our scholars more opportunities to be healthy, happy and responsible members of our communities.
  • We offer valuable life lessons as scholars join their families and teachers, and staff members in community service activities.
  • We build strong relationships within the community, keeping our scholars and Hiawatha College Prep as vital, contributing members of the communities we reside in.