Families joining Hiawatha Academies are all asked to sign a Commitment to Excellence Contract, that binds us in our shared vision for our scholars. You can find Hiawatha College Prep-Kingfield’s Commitment to Excellence below, and in the Family Handbook.

Student’s Commitment

At Hiawatha College Prep-Kingfield, we know that many students in our city do not succeed in college. Going to college and succeeding there requires committing to certain values. In order to prepare students to be on track for college we ask all team members to commit to these values.

  • We commit to GRIT.  We try things that are hard and keep trying to improve when we fail. We finish what we start.
  • We commit to ZEST.  We approach learning with lots of energy and excitement. We participate often.
  • We commit to OPTIMISM. We stay positive and believe that things will improve if we work hard. We tell the truth and accept responsibility for our actions. We are responsible for our own behavior.
  • We commit to SELF CONTROL. We limit distractions so we can stay focused on learning. We take responsibility to be prepared to learn.
  • We commit to GRATITUDE. We know we are fortunate to go to a school that cares about us. When someone does something nice for us, we say “thank you” and find ways to do nice things for others.
  • We commit to SOCIAL INTELLIGENCE. We show other people that we care about them. When people have conflicts with each other, we help them find a solution.
  • We commit to CURIOSITY. We learn more when we ask questions. We commit to follow the policies in the Hiawatha Academies handbook.