Families joining Hiawatha Academies are all asked to sign a Commitment to Excellence Contract, that binds us in our shared vision for our scholars.

Student’s Commitment

At Hiawatha College Prep-Kingfield, we will work together to ensure all students are prepared with the knowledge and habits to experience success in college and beyond. We know that the expectations set forth for us are high, but we believe they are high for a reason, and we commit to pushing ourselves every day so that we move closer and closer toward achieving our goals.

  • We commit to Honor. We honor ourselves, our family, and our community
  • We commit to Excellence. We strive to be excellent in all we do.
  • We commit to Always Try Your Best. We believe we can grow our ability with effort.
  • We commit to Responsibility. We are responsible for our actions, our education, and our community.
  • We commit to Team. We work together towards our shared goals.